Build Your Sales & Marketing Strategy

Are you disappointed with your annual accounts? Does your bottom line make a poor reflection of your company’s potential? Not taking a salary or dividend to sustain your lifestyle? Are you working for low margin tour operators or coach agents? If so, why?

If only every director or manager maintained the enthusiasm they had when they first set out in business, to overcome all obstacles and supply a market leading service that stands out from the crowd and reap the financial rewards.

Our strategy is set out to assess your business and cut out the managerial time that is wasted. By forming a management team of people highly skilled to carry out the day to day activities in all the departments of your company, this can release you to build a brand by focusing on state of the art sales and marketing skills to dominate your area.

Our system will assist you by:

  • Designing or improving a website so it produces leads and lots of them.
  • Turning these leads into enquiries that produce business
  • Turning this business into regular paying accounts
  • Applying search engine optimization to your site
  • Producing a sales brochure that works
  • Producing sales copy that gets read and responded to
  • Producing Videos to engage your audience
  • Producing social media campaigns to engage prospects
  • Design adverts that work
  • Enable you to tender for large contracts and win them
  • Dominate your area and keep your competition at bay
  • Make your product a desirable one that people keep coming back for
  • How to turn all of your team into sales people that generate more work

One of the biggest mistakes we find in the bus and coach industry is that a large number of MD’s in small to medium size enterprises try to do everything themselves. They’re in the office doing the accounts, taking the bookings, acting as the transport manager, even driving the vehicles or worse still working in the garage until all hours, keeping the fleet on the road.

Time is money and in this day of age where technology is king, your time is better used elsewhere so you can get the best results for your business.

If you wanted to go to the USA you wouldn’t want to walk there would you? You would go the fastest way possible and take a jet! If you want to explode your sales, increase your turnover, make a higher profit and increase your salary or dividend jump on our sales jet system that will bring you more money, with less stress, in less time so you can enjoy a greater work life balance.

If you would like a strategy to double your sales contact us now.

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